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Many people are already aware of the of the considerable health advantages associated with following a Mediterranean diet, a reduced risk of heart disease being one of its' main benefits.

The traditional Cretan diet, with its liberal mix of extra virgin olive oil, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts and red wine, is a great example of a heart healthy eating pattern.

So what's their secret? Researchers at Monash University believe it's the extra virgin olive oil eaten in these regions which may explain their protection from heart disease.*

Richer in colour and flavour than other olive oils, the researchers have found that the traditional extra virgin olive oil is packed with a variety of important anti-oxidants.

In fact, the team at Monash University believes that it's the presence of the anti-oxidants in extra virgin olive oil like Minos which not only explains it's deep, rich colour and extra flavour but also holds the key to it's considerable health benefits.

Studies* are now under way to fully explore the ways in which this form of traditional olive oil can improve our health - which may go beyond cholesterol lowering and into areas like diabetes management.

To take full advantage of the health potential of extra virgin olive oil be sure to select the traditional form with its deeper, richer colour, not to mention its added flavour.

Eaten as part of a balanced and varied diet, you can get the best of both worlds, great taste with good health. For more information visit www.healthyeating.org

For more information visit www.healthyeating.org